Voice Worship School

The Voice Worship School combines biblical theology with a heart of devotion and musical excellence that ushers others into the presence of God through worship. Singers, musicians and worship leaders are equipped and trained to confidently minister to the Lord and to communicate the power of the gospel through music and song.

Testimony Video

There have been many students greatly impacted by the Voice Worship School. Watch this video on a few of which who have been wonderfuly influenced from their experience!

4 Pillars of the Voice Ministry School


This is the most important pillar of all, as students will be rooted in the love of
God, through prayer, worship, and solid Biblical teaching.

Harp and Bowl

Students will get hands-on training with other musicians on stage, teaching them how to lead a prayer set through music. They will also learn worship team dynamics, communication, spontaneous worship, serving the room etc.


Keysette classes include training in keys, ear training, and theory. All students including vocalists are required to take this class as part of their schooling. This class is crucial in developing well rounded, competent and skillful worshippers.

Group Lessons

Students can choose from a variety of disciplines and learn in a group setting
while developing technique, musicianship, and confidence in their instrument of

School Information

Start date: Saturday, September 7th
Time: 9am-1pm
Location: Sarasota House of Prayer
Courses include: Keys, Ear-training, Group classes (Guitar/Vocals) Theology and Worship Team Training
Cost: $800 per semester,  scholarships and financing available
Auditions and interview are required. You can email
josh@sarasotahop.com to schedule a time.
Application deadline is
August 19th
Applications can be emailed to josh@sarasotahop.com or mailed in. We are looking forward you joining us!

because Jesus is worthy

Night and Day worship and prayer

1872 18TH ST, SARASOTA, FL 34234

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