1ST YEar StudentS

VOice Ministry School

    Abigail August

      Alan Martinez

        Alberto Veloz

          Cornelius Stephens

            Cyril Alex

              Jesse Steeley

                Lizzie Bahkshi

                  Monique Lettire

                    Sandra Sabino

                    2ND YEar StudentS

                    Voice Ministry School

                      Amanda Olguin

                        Bogdan Lyashenko

                          Eli Reyes

                            Ester Henriquez

                              Garrett Hopper

                                Joshua Zacharias

                                  Karson Kravec

                                    Omry Tannus

                                      Victoria Gibbs

                                      Voice Ministry School

                                      Find out what it’s all about and see what makes the Voice Ministry School unlike any other.

                                      because Jesus is worthy

                                      Night and Day worship and prayer

                                      1872 18TH ST, SARASOTA, FL 34234

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