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We kicked off the conference this year at Faith Baptist Church. Thursday night Jon Thurlow ushered in the presence of God, followed by Corey Russell taking us deep into the Word. Friday night Dan Minor and the Harvest band set the atmosphere for worship, while Jeremiah Johnson gave us a timely message. He had prepared something else entirely, but the Lord changed his message. Saturday morning began with GG Borrego taking us into an intense time of worship and breakthrough, with Gus Cabrera diving us into the Word. Many spent time in our on base prayer room during the break before our afternoon session, which was led by Voice Ministry School students, Austin Fritz and Brittany Valentine, with Mark Jones ministering the message. Our final session that evening was led by our own Josh Ewing and team, with Roger Lee ending by giving out a call to the students for lives wasted in place of prayer and worship.  For two months leading up to Consecrate, we were praying for breakthrough, and we believe there was breakthrough of the knowledge of God at Consecrate. Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers, and everyone who came out to help.



A team of staff and students traveled to Haiti June 14-21. We worked with a local ministry, Development for Freedom International (DFI), through which we ministered at a home and school for street boys called Agape Boys. Theses ministries are operated by Helen Kim, and two other women, while employing local Haitians. Our main goals for the trip were to minister to the boys, and have four to six hours of prayer and worship each day.

The team ministered to the forty Agape Boys through prayer, worship, teachings, and activities. We prayed for the entire staff of DFI, the Agape Boys, and all the members of a local Korean church. Prayer was a priority of this trip, even before setting our feet in Haiti. Staff, Georgia Sommers, shares, “When we first met the boys, they had a destructive attitude. They were ripping their shoes, clothes, and books. They didn’t want to focus or participate during the activities. We prayed that first night, after being told these things, and immediately the next day the boys were changed. The destructive behavior was gone, and they were able to focus and participate. This first encounter with the boys, made me realize how much the boys had been through in their young lives and how much pain they carried in their hearts. The difference between these boys and the young boys we encountered in the villages was  night and day. My heart hurt for them. I realized the impact and the importance of us being there to love on them and praying for them to have a real encounter with God.”


The Haiti Outreach Team


The Team with Helen Kim and the Agape Boys




We are in the middle of the (RE)new internship. This internship offers a foundational study on Biblical Worldview while equipping in knowledge the Biblical Gospel message. Have you ever been asked to explain the gospel, only to find yourself at a loss for words? During the six weeks, we will break down these false worldviews and build up a Biblical Worldview. The primary purpose of the internship is to renew minds with the truth found in the Word of God; that we will be equipped to walk out our faith the rest of our days. That we will do as Jesus commanded, sharing the true gospel message to all.

(RE)new Staff and Interns



September 11th commences the VOICE Ministry School’s fall semester. We will be welcoming back our second year students along with a fresh batch of first year students. The School of Ministry combines biblical training with personal ministry experience. Students come to encounter God and learn their identity in the context of day and night prayer.

VOICE Worship School will also begin again in the fall. If you are a singer or musician, this is the place for you to be. The School of Worship combines biblical theory with a heart for devotion and musical excellence that ushers others into the presence of God through worship. Singers, musicians and worship leaders are equipped and trained to confidently minister before the Lord and to communicate the power of the gospel through music and song.

We are excited to announce our newest addition: the Junior Worship School. Aimed for ages 8-15, the Junior Worship School offers professional, age-specific training for young worshipers. Students will receive classical instruction in a contemporary worship environment. Classes will be Thursdays 6:00-7:30 pm.

Visit for more information about any of these schools or for applications.