Great news, we got another $12,500 Matching Grant to raise the final $25K to finish our Building Campaign! Would you join in with the mission of Sarasota House of Prayer and help us expand our influence?



Our purpose is to equip young adults and leaders to have influence in every sphere of society. But we have problem, WE ARE OUT OF SPACE! The Building Campaign will enlarge our capacity to raise up this next generation of leaders.

Continual Growth


Over the the last 4 years, our student attendance has increased each year,
as well as the amount of programs we offer!

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We are rotating 2 full-time ministry school years and 2 part-time worship school years
between our prayer room, a 15 seat classroom and a smaller side room. Every room in the building is being used simultaneously, so as you can tell, it gets crowded.




The Sarasota House of Prayer is also a place where people can come to be trained to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel message and their purpose in the storyline of Christ.

Voice Ministry School

Click here to learn more.

Voice Worship School

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  • 100 Seat Prayer Room
  • 40 Seat Multipurpose Room used for Ministry and Worship Schools
  • Conference Room/12 seat Classroom
  • Office Space


  • Physical building: $50,000
  • Sound and Lighting: $20,000
  • Furnishings: $10,000
  • Deck: $15,000
  • Shed: $3,000
  • Misc: $2,000

what your giving goes to:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Audio and Video Equipment
  • Landscaping and Maintenance
  • Windows, Painting, Carpeting
  • Deck Material, Flooring, Insulating
  • Lights, Chairs, Storage
  • And much more.

Other ways to help:

  • In-Kind Donations with contractors or materials (materials at cost) would be extremely helpful
  • You can share this page to social media.


“Working with The Sarasota House of Prayer has greatly impacted my personal walk with the Lord, in the way I listen to His voice and posture my heart before Him. Whether working as a staff member or as a ministry student, the SHOP has invested more into me than I ever could have hoped for. My heart has been made whole again through this like-minded community, and my relationship with God has been transformed by the Prayer Room.”

Georgia Sommers

2 Year VMS Graduate, Full-Time Staff

“The Sarasota House of Prayer and its leadership has single handedly altered the trajectory of my life. Joining the ministry school right out of high school was one of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. The wisest, yet not in any way easy. God met me with a tender yet urgent call to, “deny myself.” My dreams, my ambitions, my plans had to be laid at His feet. This journey was tremendously painful, but in His wisdom God has proven Himself to be the one who resurrects the things we let him kill. This company of people burn to see Jesus adored and receive His inheritance. I’ve been deeply provoked by the excellence, humility, and zeal that this House of Prayer carries. My heart has been healed, broken, and filled with unexplainable wonder because of my involvement here. I guarantee the fruit of the rest of my life will have its origin traced back to this simple building on 18th street.”

Garrett Hopper

2nd Year Student, Worship School Grad.

“The Sarasota House of Prayer has provided me with a foundation to live in a manner worthy to The Lord. Before entering Voice Ministry School, I did not have a clear understanding of the scriptures or maturity to represent Christ in the way that I desired. The opportunity to study the word of God and contend for His heart in the prayer room has ignited me with a passion to live for Christ and to represent Him in every area of my life. Living in this community with dozens of people who are laying down their lives for the sake of the gospel has shaken my life to pursue the Lord with a boldness that I have never known before.”

Jesse Steeley

1st Year Student, Renew Internship Grad.

“I have had a long desire for finding the truth. That desire was finally met when I came to the Sarasota House of Prayer. The full Biblical story was presented in a way that allowed me to be changed forever.  Through the teachings, discipleship, and community, I now live for a completely different purpose. And that is the Blessed Hope of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Before coming here I was scattered with many directions in my life.  I was unsettled with the world and did not have enough truth to comfort me with. But now God has encountered me on a whole new level. I never knew how real and alive he is.”

Karson Kravec

2nd Year Student, Renew Internship Grad.


We will be documenting the whole expansion process and will be keeping you in the loop on social media of all the great things happening here at Sarasota House of Prayer!

gift in any amount is greatly appreciated.
All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you!


If you want any more information about this project,

feel free to contact us at:

Email: Info@sarasotahop.com

Phone: (941) 677-0279

because Jesus is worthy

Night and Day worship and prayer

1872 18TH ST, SARASOTA, FL 34234

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