Our Mission

The vision we have for the Sarasota House of Prayer is to establish a praying community of night & day intercessory worship focusing on encountering the beautiful God and from that foundation of going out to make Disciples of all the Nations in our own city to the ends of the Earth.

Ministry to the Lord

The primary focus of worship & prayer is to minister to the Lord in the way that He desires. God is unceasingly being worshiped and ministered to in Heaven. He wants this type of worship and ministry to be established on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our purpose is to join in Heaven’s worship and to replicate it in our region.

The Great Commission

Through intercession and practical demonstration of the Kingdom, we want to disciple our nation and the nations of the Earth in the values and culture of the Kingdom of God.

  • Intercession – Standing in our priestly role of prayer to undergird outreach efforts

  • Outreach – Proclaiming the Gospel combined with deeds of mercy and practical demonstrations of the Kingdom to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Strengthen & Serve the Body of Christ

Our goal is to strengthen a culture of prayer in the entire Body of Christ by encouraging and enabling messengers, musicians and prayer leaders. We are a Servant Ministry praying for and partnering with the Church in the city and region to see the growth of the Kingdom of God.



Corporate intercession as God’s means of releasing revival in a geographic region

Holiness of Heart

Lives of radical obedience flowing out of intimacy with God

Offerings to the Poor

Commitment to a lifestyle of simplicity and extravagant giving to the poor

Prevailing Faith

Confidence in God’s promise to release the power of the Holy Spirit upon the Church


Passion for Jesus

Pursuing Jesus with all our heart and receiving the love of God in our lives is foundational to enjoying intimacy with God and the formation of godly character.

Righteousness and Justice

We want the foundations of our lives and ministry to have the same foundation of righteousness and justice that God’s throne has and for holiness and wholeheartedness to permeate through everything we do.

Centrality of the Word of God

The Scripture is the final authority for all practice and doctrine in the Church. The Scripture equips us to live godly lives and do works of service.  We uphold responsible scholarship, yet with an emphasis on practical application to ministry, personal holiness, and building the Church.

Day and Night Intercessory Worship

We are cultivating intimacy with God through adoring worship, and contending for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival in the Church, the salvation of the lost, and the release of God’s justice and purposes in society.  Our goal is to undergird the efforts of the Churches and ministries in our region to impact our society.

A Family of Believers

We value building godly relationships in the Body of Christ and the family unit.  We wholeheartedly embrace serving and equipping our families and the local church as part of the biblical pattern to receive the full promise of what God has for us.

Ministry in the Power of the Spirit

We believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are necessary for the Church to fulfill its calling to win the lost and make disciples.

Evangelism and Missions

Our mission is to engage in the Great Commission, win the lost, and work for justice together with the Body of Christ.